Masters of Cacao since 1840

Our close to 180 years of Holland-born passion and dedication have made us at Bensdorp the Dutch Masters in truly refined cocoa powders.

Our History and Brand Heritage

Our rich and delightful brand history traces all the way back to the 19th century Holland, an industrial hotbed for revolutionary cocoa processing techniques that determined the unique taste and texture of the cocoa products you enjoy today. 

To this moment we embrace our roots dearly, inspiring us to uphold the premium Bensdorp quality and unequalled usability and stimulating us to create innovative new products to offer you the world’s finest cocoa.

History and heritage

Revolutionary Dutch inventions


In 1828 the Dutchman Coenraad van Houten invented the cocoa press, which made it possible to produce cocoa powder that was incredibly easy to dissolve in liquids. Van Houten later also invented the Dutching process, which improved the solubility of cocoa powder even more and allowed greater variation in taste and color.

The Bensdorp story

Our story began in 1840, when Gerardus Bensdorp founded his small chocolate and cocoa factory. Prior to opening his factory, Gerardus had spent seven years wandering Europe working as a chocolate and sugar manufacturer. This man knew cocoa. And the time had come to share his own recipes with the world.

Bensdorp brand history
Gerardus Bensdorp
family business

From family business to an internationally renowned brand

Gerardus Bensdorp’s recipes, know-how and passion for cocoa were passed on from generation to generation. With a sequence of his descendants at the helm the small traditional chocolate factory grew into a thriving business, offering delicious cocoa products to the entire world.

Bensdorp Today

Today, with close to 180 years of experience and a global presence, Bensdorp has learned to create the finest high-quality cocoa powders imaginable. Our premium quality Bensdorp Cocoa products are designed to meet the most specific food application requirements and bring the wonderful experience of chocolate flavor and color where chocolate cannot go. For moments of pure pleasure.

Bensdorp today

Discover our Bensdorp Specialty Cocoa Powders

  • Natural Dark

    Dark brown colored yet 100% naturally obtained premium cocoa powder. Produced with no chemical intervention and no addition of additives. 100% free from alkali, dairy, lactose and allergen. 100% Vegan. This unique natural cocoa powder delivers a premium dark brown color combined with a delicious mild cocoa flavor with toasted nuts aroma and a hint of dried fruits.


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