Decorations to bring out the best in every chef

Who is Mona Lisa?
Who is Mona Lisa?

Decorations to bring out the best in every chef

Who is Mona Lisa?
Today, Mona Lisa takes the next steps and creates a full palette of decorations for you to add colour, flavour, texture and shape to your chocolates, pastries, desserts and bakes. Using new technologies, we'll bring you new shapes to make them extraordinary.
Cup and chef

The story started in the USA with a chef... And his cup

"Wouldn't it be great if chefs could buy ready - made

chocolate shavings?", pastry chef Peter thought one

early morning. It would become the start of a bigger

idea. Because a few years later, after having moved

to Hendersonville (NC), he started dreaming about

the ultimate chocolate cup: beautifully crafted, with

multiple petals and in different chocolate colours...

Leonardo Da Vinci brought the answer

One night, Peter woke up – dreaming about

Leonardo Da Vinci. Just like Da Vinci, Peter

realised he had to combine art, science and

technology to create his cup and bring it to

other chefs in the world. And so, the Tulip

Cup was born.


As a tribute to Da Vinci and his world renowned

painting, Mona Lisa is all about being your source of

inspiration to bring extraordinary detail into desserts

and pastries.

Da Vinci
Mona Lisa your muse

Mona Lisa, your muse

Like an artist's muse, Mona Lisa will be your pulse in 

trends on colour, art, design and so much more.

We'll regularly update you on everything that can

inspire you to bring out the artist in you. 

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