Oolong tea infused ganache

Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea from the camellia plant. The same plant delivers different teas, depending on the part of the plant that's used. Different styles of oolong tea can vary widely in flavour. They can be sweet and fruity with honey aromas, or woody and thick with roasted aromas, or green and fresh with bouquet aromas. We recommend trying different ones and selecting the one that pairs best with your preferred chocolate.



Created by
  • Jean-Pierre Wybauw - Chef and chocolate consultant Belgium

Oolong tea infused ganache

ingredients preparation
  • 100g

Bring to the boil.

  • 10g
    Oolong tea
  • 2g

Leave to infuse for 30 min. in the water.

  • 300g
  • 50g
    invert sugar

Add to the tea and bring to the boil together with the sugar.

  • 400g
  • 300g

Melt together and mix with the boiled cream.
Leave to cool.

  • 75g

Mix in and emulsify in the Robot Coupe.
Pour on a plate (1cm thick layer) and leave to harden.
Cut the filling into desired shapes and sizes.

  • Q.S.

Dip the fillings into the chocolate and decorate.

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