Curry and passion fruit mignardise

Lieven lootens is known for his uncommon, bold and daring flavours. A thoroughbred chef in the first place, he acquired a taste for chocolate, and infuses his pralines and mignardises with flavours one would rather imagine on a plate. The results are often surprising - yet incredibly catchy and they truly work with chocolate. This simple praline is as smart as it is delicious.


Created by
  • Lieven Lootens - Callebaut® Ambassador and owner of 't Aards Paradijs Belgium

Passion fruit jelly

ingredients preparation
  • 250g
    passion fruit coulis
  • 250g
  • 50g
  • 5g
  • 2,5g
    citric acid solution

Mix everything together and heat to 105° C.

Curry cream

ingredients preparation
  • 500g
    crème anglaise


  • 250g

Melt (at a maximum temperature of 45° C) and add.

  • 20g
    gelatin leaves

Soften and allow to melt in the mixture.

  • 6g
    curry powder

Add the curry.

Finishing and presentation

Arrange an alternate layer of passion fruit jelly and curry cream in the chocolate shells and close. The lower side of the praline can be covered with chocolate splinters and coloured with gold powder for a special effect.

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