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Bake stable apple cinnamon jam

Bake stable apple cinnamon jam with pieces of apple.

Apple cinnamon filling

Apple & cinnamon filling. Sweet, with cinnamon dots.


Smooth melting sweet milk coating with vanilla notes in the aftertaste. With lauric non-hydrogenated fats.

Raspberry jam

A dark red raspberry filling with a jam texture. Perfect for pastry applications.

Truffle coating with strawberry flavor

A truffle coating with an intense strawberry flavor.Perfect for pastry applications.

Bakestable Hazelnut filling

A soft bakestable nut filling, with a delicious cocoa and intense hazelnut taste. 12.8% nut content

Sweet and sour blueberry filling

A sweet and sour blueberry filling with pieces of blueberries, including whole berries for a multisensorial experience.

Bake Stable raspberry filling

A bake stable pink-red raspberry filling with raspberry pieces for a multisensorial experience. This filling can contain raspberry cores.

Dark bake stable blueberry filling

A dark blue bake stable blueberry filling that contains pieces of blueberries and whole blueberries for a multisensorial experience.

Bake Stable toffee butter filling

A yellow-brown bake stable caramel filling. Spreadable.

Bake Stable apricot filling

A bake stable apricot filling perfect for pastry applications.

bake stable chocolate filling

A bake stable dark brown water-based chocolate filling.Perfect for pastry applications.

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