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Dark non-hydro coating with balanced sweetness and cocoa, bitterness in the aftertaste. Ideal for enrobing applications, with non-hydrogenated lauric fats.

Smooth melting sweet milk coating with vanilla notes in the aftertaste. With lauric non-hydrogenated fats.

White sweet coating with vanilla notes in the aftertaste, ideal for molding or panning applications, with lauric non-hydrogenated fats.


Dark compound coating sweet in the start and evolving towards cocoa and bitterness. Has very nice melting properties and fast crystallising.

Grass green coating

A grass green coating with sweet milky taste.Perfect for confectionery applications.

Light green coating

A light green coating with a strong lemon taste.Perfect for confectioenry applications.

Without added sugar yogurt coating

Creamy white coating without added sugar and a fresh sourish yogurt taste and a hint of salt.

Milky coating

Creamy white coating with sweet milky taste. Perfect for confectionery and bakery applications.

The harmonious marriage of sweetness, milkiness and creaminess yield a well- rounded character imbued with an underlying vanilla note.

Pronounced sweetness and moderate milky tones complimented with a trace of vanilla in this white chocolate for a sensorial relish.

Rich dark chocolate recipe that marries the delightful medley of lightly roasted cocoa notes and intense sweetness in the mouth.

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