Offering the world’s finest 100% traceable cocoa powders

As the Masters of Cacao at Bensdorp we are passionate about producing sustainable and certified cocoa products. We are proud to offer the broadest range of premium organic cocoa powders. For moments of pure organic pleasure.

Organic, a better and healthier choice

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Organic products are seen as a better and healthier choice by consumers worldwide and we see a general increase in consumer motivation and willingness to buy organic food products. Organic shoppers desire healthy food options without artificial ingredients and without the potential effects of pesticides, hormones, GMO’s and antibiotics. Cocoa powders are no exception and to act on the expanding consumer trend we developed a broad range of organic Bensdorp cocoa powders. 

Organic Bensdorp cocoa powders

Our 100% fully traceable cocoa powders are made out of the finest blend of carefully selected organic cocoa beans. Available as both natural cocoa powder and dutched (alkalised) cocoa powder with two different fat contents, our organic cocoa powder range brings an indulgent taste and color experience to all types of organic creations. Organic, Clean, Flavorful - that’s the Bensdorp Organic Cocoa Powder range.

Organic Bensdorp Cocoa Powders
Organic Cocoa Powders from Bensdorp

Organic Santo Domingo Cocoa Powders

Organic Origin Cocoa Powders
Organic Origin Cocoa Powders from Bensdorp

Our traceable organic origin Bensdorp cocoa powders are coming from the Dominican Republic that yields only a small cocoa harvest but of outstanding quality. The Hispaniola specially-fermented cocoa beans specific to the country have a spectacularly deep and sophisticated flavor. Santo Domingo cocoa powders are known to be able to deliver intense cocoa flavor with roasted notes and a pleasant bitterness transforming every application into moments of pure pleasure.

  • 10/12 Organic Natural Cocoa Powder

    100% traceable, organic, natural, fat reduced cocoa powder made from high-quality West African cocoa beans.

  • 10/12 Natural Santo Domingo Organic

    Organic natural cocoa powder. This fat reduced cocoa powder is made out of carefully selected premium Santo Domingo organic cocoa beans. It comes in a combination of light brown color and delicious liquorish yellow fruits flavor. 

  • 20/22 Highly Dutched Organic Cocoa Powder from Santo Domingo

    Santo Domingo Organic Origin cocoa powder with an intense, roasted dark cacao flavor and a distinctive deep dark red color. Thanks to its characteristic powerful cacao flavor, it is particularly suited to bakery products and ice cream.


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