The heart of your chocolate can be
100% traceable
back to cocoa farming communities

61% of consumers want to know more about where their chocolate confectionery comes from and what’s in it.
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Cocoa Horizons Inside

Cocoa Horizons Inside is a new segregated and traceable sustainable cocoa mass offer. Barry Callebaut, via the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, enables you to access this option and trace back the heart of your chocolate directly to the farming communities. Read on and discover how Cocoa Horizons Inside can leverage your sustainability impact and drive your brand’s purpose.

Cocoa Horizons Inside

Cocoa Horizons Inside: segregated, traceable cocoa mass

To improve transparency, Barry Callebaut recently released a map of its direct cocoa suppliers in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Cameroon, and is now offering segregated, traceable cocoa mass, via the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, so that you have the opportunity to take the next step in your sustainability journey. 

This cocoa mass is linked to a selected pool of farmer groups which allows you to claim Cocoa Horizons Inside in your finished products.

Watch the video to learn more about the Cocoa Horizons sustainable options

Cocoa Horizons Inside Customer Portal

Customer Portal

A newly launched online Customer Portal, will enable you to know your farmers, trace your quality cocoa, track your impact and access storytelling materials, including inspiration for customer messaging directly linked to your Cocoa Horizons farmer groups.

Inspiration for bringing your story to life

Enhance your value and differentiate your brand with the Cocoa Chronicles.  Get inspired to leverage your sustainability impact and drive your brand’s purpose.

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Cocoa Horizons Inside communication inspiration with map

Get involved

Join the journey like Hands Off My Chocolate, and dive Inside the world of sustainability and traceability. 

Visit for more information on the program, or contact your Barry Callebaut sales representative to learn about the options available to purchase Cocoa Horizons sustainable cocoa products. 

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The Cocoa Horizons Foundation

Cocoa Horizons is an impact-driven, non-profit organization, dedicated to improving cocoa farmer prosperity and helping to build self-sustaining farming communities that protect nature and children. Customers purchasing sustainable cocoa from Cocoa Horizons communities are helping to drive a sustainable future and improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities.