Increase brand value with sustainability

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Increase brand value with sustainability

Consumers have high expectations on how brands must own their commitments on sustainability. The way you communicate on sustainability will help answer these expectations, and can also position your brand ahead of the competition.

Own your story

Consumer trends highlight the influence of sustainability on sales growth and leadership for brands. Millennials for instance, believe that their buying behavior has a greater impact than their vote, and openly align with brands that reflect their values.

79% of respondents were more loyal to purpose-driven brands and 66% of consumers were willing to switch from a product they typically buy, to one from a company with purpose.
2018 Cone/Porter Novelli study

However, the number of food products making sustainability claims is growing rapidly. Today, it’s more difficult than ever for consumers to understand the differences between the various labels.  That’s why more and more brands are taking ownership of their programs, to ensure impact and to access storytelling opportunities that strengthen the values associated with their brand. 

How Barry Callebaut can help

Barry Callebaut is leading a movement to make sustainable chocolate the norm with its Forever Chocolate strategy. You can join us through the purchase of sustainable chocolate products. Through your contributions, your brand is directly investing in activities in origin countries to improve farmer and community livelihoods.

Cocoa Horizons - Growing impact, driving change

In order to help shape a sustainable cocoa and chocolate future, Barry Callebaut established the Cocoa Horizons Foundation as a means to scale impact and drive on-the-ground change in cocoa growing communities. Read more about Cocoa Horizons here.

Additionally, Cocoa Horizons helps you tell your own brand story.

Cocoa Horizons Brazilian cocoa farmer

The Cocoa Chronicles

Customers of Barry Callebaut’s Cocoa Horizons products are supported with a marketing toolkit known as the Cocoa Chronicles. This communication toolkit helps you translate your sustainability efforts and contributions into engaging and meaningful consumer-facing narratives

In this way we’re helping you shape a sustainable future by driving the demand for your sustainable cocoa and chocolate products. See how Cocoa Horizons customers are bringing sustainability to life through their brands

Get involved

Interested in increasing the trust of your consumers and strengthening your brand’s reputation and value? Contact your Barry Callebaut sales representative and inquire about our sustainability programs.