Capital structure

The information required by the DCG regarding the capital structure is provided in note 25 (share capital, movements in the share capital) to the Consolidated Financial Statements.The Company has no convertible bonds outstanding. The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on April 22, 2013, created authorized share capital of a maximum nominal amount of CHF 9.3 million for the purpose of financing the acquisition of the Cocoa Ingredients Division from Petra Foods Ltd. The Board of Directors of Barry Callebaut AG subsequently decided to increase the share capital by issuing 318,858 newly created shares (approx. 6% of the existing shares) in June 2013 for the aforementioned purpose. The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, held on December 10, 2014, deleted the authorized capital that was not used in the abovementioned transaction in the Articles of Incorporation of the Company. Except for the abovementioned capital increase, there were no changes in the capital structure during the fiscal year 2015/16, nor during the prior three fiscal years.