The heart and engine of the chocolate and cocoa industry

The Barry Callebaut Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa. We serve the entire food industry. As a partner of choice, we offer tailored solutions – from the cocoa bean to the finest chocolate product. Our clear focus is on two key target groups: food manufacturers and artisans. By employing a differentiated strategy for both segments, we contribute to their success. That’s why our customers appreciate Barry Callebaut as a strong and innovative partner.

Ambitious growth strategy based on four pillars

Barry Callebaut aims to outperform the global chocolate market. Our ambitious growth strategy is based on four pillars:

Barry Callebaut’s growth strategy is based on the four pillars Expansion, Innovation, Cost Leadership and Sustainable Cocoa.
Barry Callebaut's 4-pillar long-term growth strategy.



We aim to expand our business based on three growth drivers:

Emerging Markets:
Next to further strengthening our position in the main markets of Western Europe and North America, we aim to tap into the growth potential of Emerging Markets.

Outsourcing & Partnerships:
Implementing existing outsourcing volumes and strategic partnerships, as well as securing further outsourcing deals with global and local food manufacturers is an essential part of our business strategy.

Gourmet & Specialties:
We intend to further accelerate the growth of our Gourmet business.

Barry Callebaut Expansion - 4-pillar strategy



We are recognized as the reference for innovation in the industry. From our global innovation centers, we focus on developing unique capabilities and expertise  four discover areas:

  1. Cocoa science
  2. Authenticity & permissibility
  3. Structure, Texture, Sensory
  4. New process technology.

These areas give us a competitive edge in the development of new products and applications as well as help us to shape industry trends, anticipate and drive customer value.

Barry Callebaut Innovation - 4-pillar strategy

Cost Leadership


Cost leadership is a core element of our competitiveness and one of the reasons – next to deep expertise and recognized quality – many customers have chosen to outsource their production to us.

We continuously strive to improve our performance through technology upgrade, scale leverage, optimization of product flows, best-in-class sourcing capabilities and tight cost management.

Barry Callebaut Cost Leadership - 4-pillar strategy
Cost Leadership

Sustainable Cocoa


We have a long-standing commitment to sustainability, as we believe that the future of our industry depends on its ability to make cocoa farming more viable and attractive to farmers, today and tomorrow. We believe that cocoa production will only be sustainable when farmers earn an equitable income, engage in responsible labor practices, safeguard the environment and can provide for the basic health and education needs of their families.
Our Sustainable Cocoa approach concentrates on productivity and community, aligned with the industryʼs CocoaAction strategy. 

Barry Callebaut Sustainable Cocoa - 4-pillar strategy
Sustainable Cocoa