Innovation center locations

At Barry Callebaut's global research labs and application centers – spanning Europe, United States, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East – dedicated specialists work in close collaboration with our customers, universities, research institutes and scientists to develop expertise and tailor-made solutions on a regional level.

At our R&D centers, we have local R&D teams to support our customers’ technical demands such as recipe adaptations, legal and nutritional advice and price optimization.

In our Application Centers, we focus on our customers’ applications and invite our customers for co-development days, trainings and process optimization. Here, we also conduct application research and test new developments before product launch.

Currently, we are innovating in the following locations:

Global research & development centers

(*Application Centers)


Brazil: Bahia*, Extrema*, Ilheus*

Canada: St. Hyacinthe*

Chile: Santiago de Chile*

Mexico: Monterrey*, Toluca*

USA: American Canyon, Pennsauken,* Eddystone*, Chicago*


Belgium: Wieze*

France: Meulan*, Louviers*

Germany: Norderstedt

Italy: Verbania - Intra

Poland: Lodz*

Russia: Chekhov*

Spain: Vic*, Reus*

Sweden: Mjölby, Kågeröd*

Switzerland: Dübendorf*

Turkey: Eskişehir*

United Kingdom: Banbury*


Ivory Coast: Abidjan

Asia Pacific

China: Suzhou*

India: Pune

Indonesia: Bandung*

Japan: Takasaki-Shi*

Malaysia: Port Klang*, Pasir Gudang*

Singapore: Singapore



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