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flavoured cappuccinos

Flavoured cappuccinos

The authentic taste of traditional Italian cappuccino blended with trendy ingredients like meltingly good caramel, a touch of hazelnuts or the freshness of mint.

Dessert drinks

From Crème Brûlée to the speculoos biscuit, these hot vending drinks boast a rich and creamy mouthfeel for every type of customer. Add coffee or chocolate to diversify your offer!


Hot chocolate drinks 

Caprimo’s Choco drinks are hot chocolate drinks and organic blends that please even the most seasoned chocoholics!       


Our products

milk and non dairy

Milk & Non Dairy 

A delicious range of premium milk blends, fulfilling toppings and exciting whiteners to top off your caffè lattes, cappuccinos and coffees with a lovely, stable foam and a creamy touch.



Indulge with an exclusive selection of deliciously roasted instant coffees with strong espresso-like flavours.                                                                                                                            



Everything from revitalising mint and wild fruit to a milky tea latte: expect an appealing range of tastes filled with refreshing aromas!                                                                           

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