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Hazelnut Dark 1:1
Delicious dark hazelnut paste. Dark in color and notes of dark roasted hazelnuts. 
Gianduja Milk

Gianduja filling, a combination of luscious milk chocolate and perfectly roasted hazelnuts.

Creamy Nut
A nutty, soft and creamy cocoa filling with a vanilla note.
Nut Vanilla
A sweet intense hazelnut filling with a natural vanilla note.
Hazelnut Filling Pralina
Soft, brown hazelnut praline filling. Unique taste of roasted hazelnuts. 
Extra Milky Nut
A nut filling with an intense milky taste.
Hazelnut Filling (42%) Utz

Hazelnut filling with 42% hazelnut. Mediterranean craftsmanship.

La Morella
Almond & Hazelnut
A nut filling based on hazelnut and almond paste.
Soft Hazelnut Noisina
Soft, brown hazelnut praline filling. Unique taste of roasted hazelnuts.
Organic almond praliné with an intense nut flavor. Freshly cracked, medium roasted organic Spanish almonds are ground with caramelized sugar. The result is this smooth, dark-colored delicate praliné.
La Morella
Gianduja Taste
An intense hazelnut filling with a note of natural vanilla, resembling the gianduja taste.
Sweet Classic Nut

A sweet hazelnut filling.

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