Provide the perfect serve from bean to bar. With Van Houten cocoa and chocolate drink powders you are able to create world-renowned and delicious recipes. Discover our products and find inspiration in the tips and tricks from some of the world’s best chefs and baristas.


van Houten dark

Spoil your customers with the intense taste of dark chocolate drink powders for horeca.


Van houten Milk

Smoothness in every sip, that’s what it means to drink Van Houten milk chocolate and cocoa drink powders for horeca. Ready to delight?


Van Houten Ruby

Velvety smooth and filled with the taste of fresh berries.


Van Houten Gold

A rounded caramel flavour with notes of toffee, butter and cream.


Spoil the senses by combining cocoa and coffee

Cacao and coffee beans have a lot in common with each other - from their form to the region in which they thrive. But did you know that by combining both, you can unlock a whole new and exciting taste experience?

“I love ruby. There is nothing quite like it. It inspires so much creativity. You can now add a world of colour in every drink.”
VH sustainability

Sustainable cocoa: getting chocolate right