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Find out our 10 NEW ingredients to make your 2023 ice cream innovation rock!
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As we discovered in the ‘Top trends to watch’ article, the ice cream segment is booming with new exciting products constantly brought on the market to satisfy the consumers who are hungry for new experiences.

One thing remains unchanged, however: indulgence is key. No matter which trend you choose to focus on for your next innovation, it has to be delicious!

Keep reading to find out which star new ingredients we have developed for your next innovation,  whether dairy- or plant-based, to beat all records. 

The Ruby Love

Ruby Chocolate for ice cream

With the 4th type of chocolate making its way into consumers’ hearts in tablets, pralines, biscuits, cakes, and more since 2017, the time has come for ice cream too! The iconic brand Magnum has led the way with their triumphant Ruby stick launch in 2020, extended into a decadent pint in 2021.

With our new Ruby chocolate specifically designed for coating or layering ice cream, you can bring more of Ruby’s hedonistic indulgence into the ice cream shelves. It is the Ruby Intense version, with even more of the berry fruitiness, while as lusciously smooth as ever. And if you’re after some crunchy colorful explosion check out the stracciatella-style Ruby chocolate flakes, perfect for pints. Yum!

Ride the Caramel Wave

An all-time classic across sweet treats that keeps trending? Caramel! Delicious and timeless, it brings comfort while indulging, so you hit the jackpot of indulgence and familiarity. (And comfort is the #1 snacking driver in the past year, to no surprise - Source: State of Snacking Report, Mondelez)).

Ice cream is no exception: caramel is the third biggest flavour among all innovations, after the core chocolate and vanilla (Source: Innova Market Insights). And golden caramel chocolate is the most recent hero in the ice cream aisles: check out the 2021 mouthwatering novelties from Magnum and Nuii.

For you to ride this accelerating trend, we’re offering a whole range of new delicious caramel chocolates for ice cream: the sweet and elegant classic Caramel one and the rich & golden Caramel Doré ice cream edition.

Caramel For Ice Cream
Nuii Caramel White Chocolate & Texan Pecan and Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire

Go Nuts

Nuts, nuts, nuts - delicious, versatile, full of goodness. Well known and loved, they are a safe bet when it comes to innovation. And we have found a new way to enjoy them so that consumers will not be able to resist. Discover our range of indulgent coatings based on nut pastes and white chocolate with more than 20% nut content for ultimate nuttiness! The coatings are made at La Morella Nuts with their Mediterranean Nut Craft, from freshly roasted kernels for the richest possible taste. Hazelnuts, Almonds, Pecan, Macadamia, Pistachio - you name it, we have it. Imagining your next stick already?

And if you’re looking for something to nutify your pint, we have developed the crunchy brittles: chunky pieces of nut deliciousness in a golden caramel blanket. Dare to taste!!

Gruvi Pistachio coated sticks from Sammontana
Gruvi Pistachio coated sticks from Sammontana

Plant-Based indulgence

Plant Based solutions for Ice Cream

Double-digit sales growth across the globe, and most ice cream brands introducing or considering dairy alternatives:  the dairy-free trend is here to stay. And we’re there to support with delicious ingredients - truly plant-based, yet truly indulgent!

Check out the newest additions to our Plant Craft range:

  • M_lk chocolate: the creamiest in our dairy-free range
  • 72% Dark chocolate, with its balanced taste and perfect crack
  • Low- and Unroasted nut paste for a gentle nutty flavour & colour of your ice cream base
  • Unroasted praliné: for a swirl for an indulgent & elegant touch 

All of those ingredients are now available Dairy-Free, as well as perfectly suitable for any Vegan claim.

Cookie dough!

This American classic is on the rise.  For a long time a Ben & Jerry’s bestseller in Ice Cream, it’s now spreading into Confectionery, Snacking and more.

You don’t have a Cookie dough pint yet in your range? Hurry up! We’re here to help with the decadent taste, various shapes from cylinders to cubes, various flavours from vanilla to cocoa to chocolate chips, various sizes and claims. 

Cookie Dough for Ice Cream
Ben & Jerry’s Cookie dough bestseller & Cookie dough for snacking

Multi-sensoriality: shaped and filled ice cream inclusions

Peanut butter cup pint Fish pint

Consumers want to be surprised and have all their senses teased. More than ever, brands make sure their innovations are created to appeal to all senses: taste, mouthfeel, texture but also visual appeal in one scoop. In ice cream, the best example is Ben & Jerry’s with their densely packed delicacies.

And shaped and filled inclusions are a key ingredient for a symphony of taste in one scoop! Discover our range of cups and truffles: fast-melting chocolatey pieces, shaped like elegant little pralines, and filled with indulgent cores, like creamy peanut butter, sticky caramel, or rich chewy fudge. Last but not least are our funky little fishes. They will make your next pint truly irresistible.

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