Our ambassadors

Bombe with mirror glaze

Our ambassadors

Inspired by and created for chefs A small confession from our side: when chefs speak, we listen carefully. Any decorating tool or product that a chef may be lacking or that might make his cooking process just that tiny bit easier, gains our full attention.

“Mona Lisa Studio helps the chefs to grow their creativity. I love how the innovating designs and products inspire me to create new things over and over again. Always wanting to create nice and fun things. For me, Mona Lisa Studio is an indispensable partner in my daily work.”

Christa Muyldermans, Senior Callebaut Chef at Chocolate Academy Belgium

Chef Christa Muyldermans
Chef Sarah Hartnett

“Mona Lisa Studio is a hugely innovative company whose absolute focus is on its customers. While fully understanding their needs and expectations, Mona Lisa Studio creates the most striking, vibrant colors, molds and decorative finishes available.”

Sarah Hartnett, Irish pastry and chocolate chef 

“Above all, Mona Lisa Studio is user-friendly. Every tool and product is easy to use and guarantees excellent results. That’s why I like to work with them.“

Christophe Declercq, ice cream specialist and teacher at Ter Groene Poorte gastronomy school

Chef Christophe Declercq
Ambassador Marc Tilling

“Mona Lisa Studio helps us to look forward. With the trends, innovation and inspiration it brings, Mona Lisa Studio leads the way to the creations of the future.”

Mark Tilling, British pastry chef and chocolatier, winner of BBC’s Bake Off Crème de la Crème

Ambassador James

“Whether you have a big company or a small bakery, Mona Lisa Studio knows your world and helps you to improve your creations with new products and techniques.”

James Berthier, French pastry chef, chocolatier and owner of ‘Sucré Cacao’

“Mona Lisa Studio’s products are more than surprising, they’re efficient as well. They make me feel comfortable to innovate and to be an inspiration to others.”

Jordi Farrés, chef chocolatier at the Chocolate Factory

Jordi Farrés
Dimitri Salmon

“Mona Lisa Studio truly upgrades the products I showcase. With simple techniques and uplifting products, they give my creations the boost they deserve.”

Dimitri Salmon, chocolate and pastry chef at ‘La Dacquoise’

“Through our collaboration, both Mona Lisa Studio and myself keep innovating, surprising and inspiring. Mona Lisa Studio loves to be inspired by chefs.”

Jurgen Koens, Dutch all-round chocolatier and pastry chef

Jurgen Koens Ambassador