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Vegetable fat




Extra Milky

An extra milky white compound coating.

Extra Dark
Extra intense dark compound coating.
Vanilla White

A sweet white compound coating with a touch of natural vanilla.

Aprico Gel

Light yellow, long-lasting shine gel with apricot flavor. Easy to cut. Freeze stable.

Sweet Classic
A sweet, delicate dark comôund coating.
Black Currant

A violet coating with blackcurrant taste.

Pecan Coating
A delicious white chocolate coating with 21% pecan.
La Morella
Clean & Clear Dark – Sunflower Lecithin

A clean and clear dark compound coating with no palm oil & sunflower lecithin.

Capoma-Gel Strawberry

Intense red, strawberry-flavored, long-lasting shine gel. Easy to cut. Freeze stable.

Milky White

A milky white compound coating.

Sweet Classic White
A white compound coating perfect for spraying cones.
Yellow Colored Coating

A bright yellow coating with sweet milky taste.