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Type de chocolat


4 mm to 585 mm


3 mm to 600 mm



Power Flowers Red Beetroot - Food Colorant - From Natural Origin - 50gr
PowerFlower Beetrood Red 50gr. Red food color based on ultra-concentrated cocoa butter. Color is of Natural Origin, based on beetroot extract. No artificial colors. Tip for Christmas. Tip for Valentine's day
White Powder - Food Colorant - 100gr
Coloring Powder 100g White
Red Lips - Chocolate Decorations - Shape Lips - 108 pcs
Chocolate decoration, chocolate shape Lips made of white Belgian chocolate with red print based on sugar. Dimensions are 23 x 46mm. Each pack contains 108 lips. Tip for Valentine's day
Marzipan Crunch Bronze - Sprinkles & Inclusions - 350gr
Shimmery bronze pieces of crunchy marzipan granules. Tip for Christmas. Tip for Easter
Power Flowers Classic White - Food Colorants - 500gr
Classic Power Flowers White. White food color Non-AZO (E171). Can be used to color any fat-based recipe. 500 grams. Tip for Christmas
Bronze Powder - Food Colorant - 25gr
Creative Powder Shimmer Bronze. Food color powder From Natural Origin and TiO2-free. 25 grams. Tip for Christmas

Rhodoid Roll - Clear 30 mm x 100mtr
Clear rhodoid roll 30 mm x 100mtr
Colored Cocoa Butter White - Food Colorant - 245gr
Colored cocoa butter White. White food color synthetic liquid. 245gr. Non-Azo
Ostrich - Texture Sheets- 15 pcs
Ostrich Texture Sheet for creating Texture on chocolate and confectionery. Dimensions of the sheet are 585x385mm. Each pack contains 15 reusable sheets
Power Flowers Classic Blue - Food Colorants - 50pcs
Classic Power Flowers Blue. Blue food color Non-AZO (E133) and TiO2-free. Can be used to color any fat-based recipe. 50 pieces. Tip for Easter
Blue Powder - Food Colorant - 100gr
Coloring Powder 100g Blue
Strawberry S - Sprinkles & Inclusions - 350gr
Fruit Pieces Strawberry. Red. Dimensions are 4.5x4.5x4.5mm

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