California - Working to improve almond farming practices

We are working with our suppliers and key players in the industry to address the challenges facing California almond production.

California is home to more than 80% of the world's almond production, making it an important sourcing region for Barry Callebaut's nut portfolio. So it is critical that we work to protect this nutritious, delicious nut. 

We are working with California almond suppliers,  the Almond Board of California and the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative to address some of the key challenges facing the industry. Among those issues are water usage and availability, pollinator health, soil health, and biodiversity.

Our vision is to ensure all of our almonds come from suppliers implementing the most sustainable practices. This means that growers will have been certified to a high standard through programs like the California Almond Sustainability Program (CASP) or SAI Platform's Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA). We will also identify ways the industry can drive continuous improvement of these standards through more regenerative agricultural practices to build a California almond industry that contributes to improving soil quality, water retention, bee health, and more.

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