Empowering sugar beet farmers to measure their environmental impact

Beet sugar in USA

Field to market fieldprint project in North America

The sugar that Barry Callebaut sources in the Americas region is made from both sugarcane and sugar beet. The sugar beet is grown in the US.

Field to Market is a leading sustainable agriculture initiative in North America. This alliance for sustainable agriculture convenes producers, buyers, civil society, and other stakeholders to provide a common framework for sustainability measurement.

The main tool of Field to Market is the Fieldprint Calculator. This tool empowers farmers to measure their environmental impact. It has been benchmarked against the SAI Platform Farm Sustainability Assessment, which is our main standard for beet sugar sustainability in Europe. SAI and Field to Market developed an equivalency module to ensure consistency in measuring sustainable performance.

Barry Callebaut is working with one of our beet sugar suppliers to implement a Fieldprint project to measure and determine their performance related to our sustainable sourcing goals. We are also the first company to implement the SAI equivalency module and corresponding verification methodology. We expect to conduct the audit beginning of 2019.

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