Master Key
Ice Cream Formats

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Master Key
Ice Cream Formats

Find out how to premiumise your ice cream portfolio in the different key applications such as sticks, cones, sandwiches, tubs and other formats!
Ice stick with red coating

When it comes to ice cream, it's all about the experience. 55% of consumers include ice cream in their grocery basket because of its taste and 37% include it to indulge in a treat or reward themselves (Source: Innova Consumer Survey 2020).

Unique solutions, that give added value and take into account both taste and indulgence, are a must-have to please different consumers. With our great selection of ingredients: cocoa & chocolate, decorations & inclusions, ripples & sauces and much more, you can add a premium touch to your portfolio. 

How to take your ice cream portfolio to the next level?

Cocoa for Ice Cream Base

Cocoa base in different formats

Our rich range of cocoa powders for ice cream conveys an authentic chocolate flavor with a distinctive hint of bitterness. The cocoa powders give your ice cream a firm body and an excellent melting behavior. Easy to blend with other ingredients thanks to its high fineness powder format, our Bensdorp Cocoa Solutions are the best choice for your ice cream products. 

Explore the complete range of cocoa powders for the ultimate chocolate ice cream heaven:

Fillings & Compound Coatings

The essentials for a premium and indulgent ice cream creation: ice cream fillings and sauces. Enclose a fresh, soft fruity sauce, a thick, tailing caramel or an extra creamy filling inside and add a cracking layer of compound coatings to your ice cream creation for a premium experience that your consumers will love!

Discover our wide range of pencil fillings, suitable for cones & sticks, and swirl fillings, suitable for sticks, sandwiches, tubes and pints:

  1. Fat-based fillings with fast melting properties
  2. Water-based, freezestable sauces
  3. Feezestable fruit curds

Our compound coatings range includes:

  1. Compound coatings for enrobing or dipping applications
  2. Compound coatings for spraying cones and crunchy multilayers 

Fillings & coatings in 4 formats

Decorations & Inclusions

Decorations & inclusions in 3 formats

If you want to take your ice cream portfolio to the next level that will ensure consumers keep coming back to you, our sprinkles and inclusions range will help you do just that.

Consumers are looking for hyper indulgence in their ice cream treats, whether it is through more chocolate inclusions or heavenly swirls of flavor. Ice cream is a category in which products do not have to be smooth and perfect. Apart from creamy, crunchy and chunky textures showcased growth in 2021 globally, followed by crispy and smooth texture (Innova Market Insights 2022)

You will find in our range of chocolate sprinkles & inclusions:

  1. Smooth and rough granella
  2. Variety of chocolate curls
  3. Nice and crispy bites
  4. Easy to use cups & shells

Looking to further discover inspiring concepts and innovative ingredients to fuel your key formats for season 2023 and beyond?

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