Youth Empowerment Programme

Our commitment to promote sustainability goes beyond certifications. At Carma we believe that sustainable chocolate will be the norm for the next generation. Our goal is to help young people realise their personal potential, support the economic development of their communities and promote sustainable cocoa farming practices. Carma is actively investing in the future generations of cocoa farmers through a quality education that creates viable opportunities for the youth to choose and thrive in cocoa.

The IFER school

IFER students

The Ivory Coast Institut de Formation a l’Entrepreneuriat Rural (IFER) was opened in November 2018, and is fully founded by Carma and its partners. The school offers a three-year boarding school, a youth empowerment programme for 16 - 25 students, where they are taught management, animal science, agricultural practice including cocoa farming.

IFER students

Meet the IFER students

Find out more about some of the students at IFER and what they hope to achieve in the months and years to come.


ivory coast

Doriane N'Guessan Ama Ruth

Doriane’s dream is to see more female leaders in the agricultural sector.


Jean Baptiste

Jean-Baptiste Gboko, Tecoura

Jean-Baptiste would like to contribute towards quality chocolate for everyone to enjoy.


Yao Asseu Levi

Yao Asseu Levi

Yao’s aspiration is to acquire knowledge that allows him to start his own business, and own land to cultivate vegetables.


Bamoni Bru Juliette

Bamoni Bru Juliette, Teacher at IFER

Juliette would like to see the next generation thrive and take pride in their achievements.

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