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Becoming a market leader in cocoa innovations requires in-depth understanding of cocoa trends and the final consumers of our cocoa products. Understanding their needs and consumption habits help us to identify the key product benefits they expect from cocoa creations. Our consumer insights enable us at Bensdorp to partner with our customers to develop the cocoa powder innovations of today and tomorrow together.

The Bensdorp Masters in Cocoa Chefs Days

Unlocking new dimensions of creativity with cocoa

Natural Dark Cocoa Powder

Bensdorp’s first ever 100% naturally dark cocoa powder with a unique and rich flavor. Tasted and approved by chefs and consumers!

Organic Cocoa Powders from Bensdorp

100% traceable premium cocoa powders made of the finest organic cocoa beans.

Single Origin Cocoa Powders

Bensdorp cocoa powders made of single origin cocoa beans with a unique and premium taste profile.

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