The Bensdorp Sustainable Cocoa Vision

We believe that for cocoa production to be sustainable, farmers must be able to earn an equitable income, engage in responsible labor practices, safeguard the environment through sound agricultural practices; and have the means to provide for the basic health, education needs and general well-being of their families.

Investing in the future of Cocoa

As a member of the Barry Callebaut group, Bensdorp attaches the utmost importance to sustainable production and the use of sustainable raw materials. That is why we fully support the numerous sustainability initiatives launched by Barry Callebaut.

By training cocoa farmers on best agricultural practices and cultivation techniques, and investing in community education and health, Barry Callebaut is helping to improve cocoa farming operations and output while increasing livelihood in cocoa communities. We are, in other words, investing in the future of cocoa.

cocoa education

Cocoa Horizons

cocoa horizons

The Cocoa Horizons Foundation has a mission to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities through the promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial cocoa farming, improved cocoa farm productivity, and community development. To do so, the Foundation must grow its impact and drive on-the-ground change together with its partners.

Productivity and Community Development

Bensdorp offers a way for its customers to support the Foundation’s activities, and therefore bolster their own sustainable brand values, through the purchase of COCOA HORIZONS cocoa products. Customers pay a premium on these products that goes directly to the Foundation to fund its activities. Cocoa Horizons pools its resources and targets funds to the activities that most effectively address the challenges facing cocoa farmers in West Africa today. These activities focus on two pillars: Productivity and Community Development.

cocoa farm

One step closer to a sustainable cocoa future

future of cocoa

Customers of Bensdorp’s COCOA HORIZONS products can communicate their support for the Foundation and sustainable cocoa cultivation. Barry Callebaut supports all COCOA HORIZONS customers with messaging that will connect with consumers, helping to further drive the demand for sustainable cocoa.

Uniting the cocoa value chain from farmer to consumer is the first step to ignite a sustainable cocoa future.

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