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130 mm to 590 mm


40 mm to 135 mm



Charly & Charlotte Eggs - Blisters - 30 pcs
Printed blister to make chocolate eggs with a dark brown CocoArt bunnies print based on sugar and cocoa powder. Dimensions are 130 x 90mm. Each pack contains 15 full eggs (30 half eggs). Tip for Easter
Pirate Bunny - Blisters - 30 pcs

Printed blister in the shape of a bunny with a red, black and white pirate outfit print based on sugar. Tip for Easter

Texture Egg Facette - Blisters - 30 pcs
Blister to make chocolate eggs with a geometrical Texture. Dimensions are 130x90mm (1 half egg/blister). Tip for Easter
Printed blister with a white lace print based on colored sugar to make chocolate eggs. 130x90mm (1 half egg/blister). Each pack contains 30 half eggs. Tip for Easter.
Printed blister to make a 3D chocolate bunny with a pink and white print based on colored sugar. Dimensions are 130x68mm. Each pack contains 30 bunnies. Tip for Easter.
Hook - Polycarbonate Mould - 16x16x8mm
Polycarbonate Mould Hook 0.92gr. For adding a hook to Christmas baubles. Dimensions are 16 x 16 x 8mm. Tip for Christmas.
Lissabon - Buche Mould - 40x590x33mm
Buche mould Lissabon for creating a Christmas buche. Tip for Christmas.
Madrid - Buche Mould - 80x590x65mm
Buche mould Madrid for creating a Christmas buche. Tip for Christmas.
Gingerman - Magnetic Mould - 44x34x9mm
Magnetic Mould Gingerman 10gr. Dimensions are 44 x 34 x 9mm. Tip for Christmas. Tip for Halloween.
Christmas - Magnetic Mould Assorted Shapes - 45x36x6mm
Magnetic Mould Christmas 6.5gr. Various Christmas Figurines. Dimensions are 45 x 36 x 6mm. Tip for Christmas.

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