Jo Thys

President Asia Pacific

Jo Thys started as a graduate trainee with Barry Callebaut in 1997 and held several positions in Operations in Region EMEA before moving to the US in 2006 as Vice President Operations and Supply Chain for Region Americas. He moved back to Europe in 2010, where, in his role as Vice President Operations and Supply Chain Global Cocoa, he supported in 2013 the integration of Delfi, the Cocoa Ingredients Division from Singapore-based Petra Foods, into the Group. Jo Thys
was appointed Vice President Cocoa Africa in September 2017, adding the responsibility for Africa, Middle East and Turkey to his role in September 2020.

Thanks to his broad number of strategic roles across three continents, Jo Thys combines a profound knowledge of operations and supply chains with deep business insights and a strong belief in the business case for sustainability, as well as gender and cultural diversity.

Jo Thys holds an Electromechanical engineering degree from Group T University College of Leuven, Belgium. He was born in 1972 and is a Belgian national.

Jo Thys
Jo Thys, President Asia Pacific

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