All you need to know about the ingredients of our sugar-reduced chocolates

Chocolate gets its wonderful taste from a combination of key ingredients: cocoa, milk and sugar. Sugar not only contributes to chocolate’s sweet taste, but is essential to the end product’s volume, texture and the sensation it creates in your mouth while you eat it. Reducing the sugar level in chocolate without compromising on its taste is a challenge. Still, there are many ingredients to help you maintain a great taste while reducing or even eliminating sugar completely. Barry Callebaut only works with the best ingredients to replace sugar or lower its chocolate’s sugar level.

1 - Chicory root fiber

Chicory root fiber is also known as inulin or oligofructose. It is a natural dietary fiber that stems from the chicory plant’s roots. Chicory is healthy and has a great taste when used in chocolate. Fibers such as chicory also stimulate our digestion.

2 - Patented Barry Callebaut fiber blend

Barry Callebaut has created its very own, unique and patented fiber blend for sugar reduction up to 30%. This blend mixes various types of natural fibers, such as corn dextrins and inulin to help reduce the level of sugar in a recipe without compromising on its delicious taste and the chocolate’s texture.

3 - Maltitol

Maltitol is a bulk sweetener with a lower calorie level than sucrose, but still has 90% of its sweetness. It is ideal as a replacement for sugar because it is very similar to sucrose. You might even think you are eating traditional chocolate, because its taste is almost identical. Chocolate based on maltitol is very user-friendly since it has the same technical requirements as traditional chocolate.

4 - Erythritol

Chocolate made with erythritol is also an alternative used to reduce the sugar level in products. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol with a sweetness level of 70% compared to sucrose. It has a cooling effect and works well in combination with and other fibers and intense sweeteners. Erythritol contains zero calories and reminds strongly of sugar. Keep in mind that you need to limit the amount of Erythritol in your recipe with 10% because it otherwise it might have a laxative effect.

5 - Stevia

Stevia or steviol glycoside, a natural sweetener that is sourced from the stevia plant, has an intense taste. It is even sweeter than sugar but contains zero calories. This is why it is best used in small portions or to add some extra sweetness to a recipe.

If you would like to taste our chocolates with a lower sugar level, please get in touch with your account manager.

These sugar substitutes are used in the wide range of sugar-reduced chocolates, nuts, chips & chunks, and fillings, suitable for confectionery, bakery and cereals applications. Read more about this range and download the catalog.

Sugar reduced chocolate

Dark chocolate without added sugar

The classic of our dark chocolate without added sugar. The sugar is replaced by the bulk sweetener maltitol to keep a great taste while remaining healthy. This chocolate is multi-applicable. 

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