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Sweet Classic Dark
A sweet dark compound coating suitable for molding.
Extra Dark
Extra intense dark compound coating.
Mild Dark

A mellow dark compound coating perfect for spraying or crunchy multilayer in your ice cream applications. Based on non-hydrogenated coconut and rapeseed oil only. No flavors added, suitable for vegan.


Dark soft coating with a pleasant cocoa flavor, ideal for bakery enrobing applications. The soft texture makes this coating ideal for cuttable applications. With non-lauric non-hydrogenated fats.

Sweet Classic Dark

A sweet dark compound coating perfect for spraying and crunchy multilayer in your ice cream cones. Based on non-hydrogenated fats, RSPO segregated. Suitable for vegan.


Milk compound for bakery and pastry applications, texture has a certain elasticity due to the non-lauric non-hydrogenated fats.


Dark compound with a very intense cocoa taste and roasted cocoa touch in the aftertaste. With non-hydrogenated lauric fats.


Dark non-hydro coating with balanced sweetness and cocoa, bitterness in the aftertaste. Ideal for enrobing applications, with non-hydrogenated lauric fats.


Intense cocoa milk coating with outspoken cocoa taste and low milkyness. Contains sunflower lecithin.

Extra Milky

An extra milky white compound coating.


White yogurt compound with smooth melting profile, with lauric non-hydrogenated fats

Sweet Classic Milk

A sweet milk filling with a note of natural vanilla.

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