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If you are looking for the latest chocolate trends and ways to lift your tablet, praline, countline, nibble, seasonal chocolates or spread, here is the place to be!

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Trends & Insights for confectionery

Top Chocolate Trends for 2023 and Beyond

Key Trends

Ruby Chocolate Pralines

The Chocolate World is getting pinker. Get inspired by Ruby Chocolate

For the 2nd anniversary of Ruby Chocolate, we are celebrating more than 100 brands launching Ruby Chocolate all over the world. Discover how Ruby Chocolate can be used for tablets and pralines!

Caramel Frappuccino with amaretti, caramel crunches and meringue decoration

Top 5 reasons why consumers love caramel

Caramel flavor is a must-have for every sweet range. Whether that's in cakes, cookies, ice cream or confectionery products, not having  a brown flavor (and caramel in particular) in your range is unimaginable.

Nutri-Score strategies in chocolate products

How to improve the Nutri-Score of your chocolate products?

When it comes to chocolate, getting a good Nutri-Score is not a challenge anymore : discover what are the best strategies to get it!

More Trends

Plant-based chocolate tablet

Plant-based Chocolate

Plant-based chocolate confectionery is emerging. To be ahead of the curve, discover inspiring launches, NPD strategies, and our delicious products.

Empowering women farmers

Increase brand value with sustainability

Consumers have high expectations on how brands must own their commitments on sustainability. The way you communicate on sustainability will not only help to answer this expectation, but can also position your brand ahead of the competition.

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