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Dark chocolate without added sugar

The classic of our dark chocolate without added sugar. The sugar is replaced by the bulk sweetener maltitol to keep a great taste while remaining healthy. This chocolate is multi-applicable. 

Swiss Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate made from only Swiss milk and sugar has a purity and finesse that is unmet. The chocolate is perfect for molding, enrobing and hollow figures.

Belgian Milk Chocolate

Versatile milk chocolate with the perfect rheology to serve different applications. A perfectly balanced chocolate with a subtle caramel touch. This standard in the market for milk chocolates is our heritage milk recipe.

Belgian Dark Chocolate

Dark all-round chocolate with the perfect rheology to enrobe or mold the best creations. A perfectly balanced chocolate with mild cocoa intensity.

Papua New Guinea Dark chocolate

Starting off with a strong smoky taste, this Papua New Guinea dark chocolate exhibits a creamier, rounder character as it explores the palate, displaying hints of cherry and prune and an explicit cappuccino-like finish.

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