Walnut products
for food manufacturers


Walnut products
for food manufacturers

Where do we source walnuts? How do they grow? Get to know our delicious walnut products.

Great taste starts with great walnuts

Walnut husk growing on a walnut tree (source: https://unsplash.com/@ffrige)

As most other nuts, the walnut is originally from Asia and has been spread by ancient humans via trade (Silk Road, marine trade) and cultural expansion. English merchants transported the product from ports to ports around the world and walnuts became known as “English Walnuts.” Even if actually, England has never grown walnuts commercially. 

The global walnut crop is around 880 820 MT (in kernel, source INC). China is the biggest walnut producer in the world, accounting for around 40% of the global production. The United States come second with around 30% of the global crop. Far behind, a lot of other countries also produce walnuts, such as : Chile, Iran, Ukraine or France.   

La Morella Nuts source currently all of its walnuts in Spain. The Spanish crop, even if not among the biggest, is progressively growing. 

Picture source: https://unsplash.com/@ffrige

How are walnuts grown?

The pollination is taking place around April / May. The wind spreads the pollen from the male flowers to the female flowers. Both flowers are on the same tree and can technically fertilize together. However, the pollen released from the male flower is not sometimes not released when the female flower is ready to receive it. That is why walnut growers usually plant another walnut cultivar (a pollinator) with male flowers opening at the same time as the female flowers from the main cultivar. The fecunded female flower later grows into a walnut. 
The harvest takes place in fall, from September to November. Generally, the harvest is done mechanically by shaking the tree and collecting walnuts falling down. 

The walnut kernels you know are protected by a hard shell and a green or black husk that have to be removed.

The leaves of walnut trees produce a pleasant citrusy smell. 

Taste the difference with our walnut products

100% walnut butter - medium roast

Once harvested, we treat walnuts with utmost care to preserve their authentic flavors, only to be unleashed in your creations. We’re passionate about nuts, and are proud to offer the best walnuts can offer:

  • Roasted: whole or in pieces
  • Caramelized: fully coated (sablages), with pieces of caramelized sugar (crocants), nougatines
  • Pralinés
  • Pure walnut pastes (also called butters)

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Walnut products

Pure Walnut Paste Medium Roasted

Pure 100% walnut paste. Made from premium quality Spanish walnuts, that have been freshly cracked, medium roasted and turned into this flavourful paste. Also called "walnut butter". Perfect for dairy-free/vegan alternatives.

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