Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct

Every Barry Callebaut employee is an ambassador for our company. Our reputation depends on each and every employee – how we live our corporate values, serve our customers, and honor our commitments.

Barry Callebaut's Code of Conduct is a practical guide for all employees; it explains how to manage potential conflicts of interests and other ethical dilemmas our company may face in our business lives.

At Barry Callebaut all employees are expected to behave in ways that reflect our corporate values and to show responsibility and good citizenship in business dealings.

The principles and guidelines for behavior are set forth in our Code of Conduct, which is available in 17 languages and signed by every employee when he or she joins the company. Adhering to the Code is every employee’s responsibility.

Our Code of Conduct contains principles and guidelines related to: 

  • Product safety and quality
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Gifts, hospitality and entertainment
  • Fair competition
  • Corruption and bribery
  • Safeguarding company assets and reputation including use of social media
  • Workplace conduct
  • Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Barry Callebaut Code of Conduct September 2022
Barry Callebaut Code of Conduct

Employee safety

The safety of our people comes first. We are committed to a safe workplace and recognize that we all have a responsibility to protect our safety and wellbeing, and that of our colleagues. We comply with all internal safety measures and will speak up, correct, or report to a manager, when we notice situations when safety is at risk.

Integrity Line - Barry Callebaut's whistleblowing platform

Should any Barry Callebaut employee witness behavior suspected to not be in accordance with the Group's Code of Conduct, he or she is asked to raise concerns by speaking first to the individual involved or to contact their individual manager or local HR department directly.

If this is not possible, Barry Callebaut has established a dedicated whistleblowing platform: Integrity Line. The Integrity Line platform is part of Barry Callebaut's Compliance program. It was launched to facilitate reporting of non-compliance and suspicious transactions in cases where employees do not feel comfortable addressing such issues directly. The platform also allows anonymous reporting.

Employees also have the opportunity to call the Integrity Line hotline (24/7).

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