Commodities Expertise

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Commodities Expertise

We are ready to support you!
Using Barry Callebaut sourcing risk management services has never been more important, as these insights can lead to more profitable long-term decision making.
Commodities Markets Volatility

Why is Commodity Risk Management & Analysis important in chocolate & cocoa?

Commodity markets are volatile, understanding and monitoring the fluctuations is an important exercise for affected businesses.

Having an expert partner can help you manage these marketplace shifts, allowing you to focus on your company and bringing your products to market. 

Commodity Market Experts

How can the Barry Callebaut Risk Management Team help?

Navigating the complexities of commodity markets can be time-consuming and confusing. This is where our experts can help. 

Our team at Barry Callebaut brings decades of experience and expertise to help your company better understand the complexities of the commodity markets. 

As a partner, Barry Callebaut succeeds when you succeed, which is why the company tailors its approach specific to your needs, ranging from a monthly commodity market discussion to a full suite of risk management solutions

Commodities Trader Experts

Experts in Commodity Risk Management and Analysis for cocoa, sugar, dairy, oil & fats

As the world’s largest cocoa grinder and chocolate producer, Barry Callebaut has a unique global perspective on the global commodity markets it engages with daily. The company’s analysis teams in Zurich, Singapore and Chicago ensure 24/7 market coverage.

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Contact your Sales Representative to understand how you can stay tuned and get updates on cocoa, dairy, sugar, hazelnuts, almonds and oils & fats markets.

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