The cacaofruit Juice Concentrate

Characterized by its golden brown colour and a fruity honey scent, the cacaofruit juice concentrate is made from the pulp juice. The cacaofruit juice is filtered, gently pasteurized and the water is evaporated to obtain a concentrate that is 100% pure, free from sweeteners, additives and preservatives. This delicious and fruity concentrate naturally contains magnesium and potassium.

The cacaofruit Juice Concentrate

pate de fruits with cacaofruit ingredients

The cacaofruit juice concentrate adds an intense fruity sweetness and a unique signature flavour to drinks, sorbets, ice creams, dairy products and confectionery. Discover this deliciously intense fruitiness yourself by requesting a sample and start getting creative. Want to find out more about the full technical specifications of the cacaofruit juice concentrate? Fill in the form and request our technical sheet.

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