Lifestyle Choices: Healthy and mindful eating is here to stay

Today’s consumers are more aware and invested than ever on what they put into their bodies. Better informed, there are a variety of initiatives consumers follow to live a healthier life, all without giving out on pleasure.



Ultimately, any lifestyle choice is chosen based on the consumers perception of what fits their individual needs best, and aligns with their values.

The continued growth and popularity of many different diet and lifestyle options proves that healthy and mindful eating is here to stay.

Taste is still king. No matter your healthy application, this is one attribute consumers will not sacrifice.

83% of European consumers say that their food needs to be both tasty and good for them.

Healthy lifestyle range
Sources: Barry Callebaut Consumer Insights Study

There are 5 trending lifestyle choices consumers follow:

  1.  Flexitarian: Flexitarians follow a plant-based diet most of the time but allow an occasional meat or fish dish. In 2018, 15% of the UK consumers considered themselves flexitarians**, and that number keeps on growing. 
  2. Vegan: 30% of European consumers (and 41% of Millennials) say they seek to purchase vegan chocolate confectionery. (BC survey) The rise of events like Veganuary 2020 attracted more than 400 000 people** which shows that more and more people are willing to try this diet, even if that is just for a month.
  3. Organic: 62% of European consumers say they are interested in buying organic products (BC Survey)
  4. High protein Adding protein to their diets is growing, whether that’s to compensate for a reduced meat diet, or to increase the energy to live up a relentless active lifestyle. Indeed, around half of all UK consumers are apparently seeking to add “extra protein” to their diets, according to market research from the cereal brand Weetabix. **  and 24% of European consumers say actively trying to increase consumption of Plant-based protein(Global data consumer survey, 2019)
  5. Reducing sugar intake: Sugar is THE baddie that needs to be reduced. With governments engaging on a sugar-war, and a higher concern on obesity, that’s 1 in 2 European consumers who say when selecting a cake or pastry containing chocolate, it must have a “low sugar” or “no added sugar” claim (BC survey) 

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