We aspire to have good corporate governance that develops trust and engagement between Barry Callebaut and its stakeholders. To guide our corporate responsibility, we have built a robust framework of codes and policies.

The foundation of our corporate responsibility is Barry Callebaut’s Code of Conduct, which documents the values and mission of the company and outlines the behavior required of all employees and directors. Available in 17 languages, it is an integral part of employment contracts.

To evaluate compliance, we regularly conduct comprehensive audits of our facilities based on risk evaluation. Our independent online whistleblowing platform (www.bcintegrity.com) allows employees to report concerns anonymously and without fear of retaliation.

We have also developed a set of policies for suppliers

Barry Callebaut Group Code of Conduct
Barry Callebaut Group Code of Conduct

Is Barry Callebaut conducting any animal testing?

Barry Callebaut does not and shall not conduct, fund, commission, or allow any animal testing for any purpose, unless explicitly required by law.

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