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Lemon & Strawberry Pieces

Yellow lemon flavored coating with strawberry pieces.

Aprico Gel

Light yellow, long-lasting shine gel with apricot flavor. Easy to cut. Freeze stable.

Sweet Classic Milk

A sweet milky compound coating.

Yoghurt White Chocolate With Treated Fermented Milk Powder

Creamy white chocolate with fresh sourish yoghurt taste and a hint of salt.

Dark Compound Coating
Dark compound coating.
Cactus/Bubble Gum
Green colouredsemi-soft coating with cactus and bubblegum flavor.
Yoghurt Coating

A yoghurt coating with 11% yoghurt powder.

Sweet Classic
A sweet, delicate dark comôund coating.
Sweet Classic Dark
A sweet dark compound coating suitable for molding.
Extra Dark
Extra intense dark compound coating.
Vanilla White - Hydro
A white compound coating with intense vanilla taste.
Mild Dark

A delicate compound coating perfect for spraying and crunchy multilayer applications. Based on non-hydrogenated fats. With sunflower lecithin.

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