Glazed choux by martin diez

Watch how to create a twist on your classic choux pastry by giving it an extraordinary feel.

Glazed choux by martin diez

Glazed choux by martin diez


  • Red Power Flower™ 500g non Azo

    Red non azo cocoa butter based Power Flowers™ colour your creations in a fast, consistent and creative way. With its powerful concentration (40% pigment) only a few Power Flower™ are necessary to colour 400 g of Chocolate. They are pre-tempered and ready to use - just combine with other Power Flowers™ for an unlimited colour palette.

  • Vita Bronze Spheres
    Hollow 25mm diameter bronze on white cocoa butter based sphere that adds an elegant touch to your desserts and pastries.
  • Almond and sugar crunch bronze

    Mona Lisa's bronze coloured almond and sugar crunch  adds a luxurious appeal to your delicious creations. This sprinkle can be used for both festive and non-festive applications.

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