Chocolate drink recipes
& inspiration


Chocolate drink recipes
& inspiration

Learn cocoa industry insights and get expert recipes
by professional chocolate baristas and chefs

Recipes by our baristas

Hot or cold? Get inspired by world-leading barista ambassadors. With Van Houten cocoa and chocolate drink powders you’ll be able to create it all.


Discover our video tutorials

Are you more of a visual learner? These Van Houten recipe videos are just what you need. Elevate your offer with unique drinks


The secret to great drink ganaches

The basis of any great chocolate drink is a great chocolate ganache. Ditch the sugary syrups and discover how to make your own water-based ganache with Van Houten 5 Colours of Ground Chocolate.


5 different colours of chocolate?

Van Houten pioneered the 5 colours of ground chocolate for drinks. Dark, Milk, White, Ruby AND Gold! Treat your customers to a unique sensorial experience and become the talk of the town.


Shake it up with chocolate milkshakes

Our baristas and chocolate chefs created a wide range of frappés and milkshakes for you to experiment with. Chocolate and desserts? That’s a match made in heaven!

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