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Caprimo Wild Fruit Tea
Especially developed for the vending market, Caprimo Wild Fruit Tea stimulates your taste buds with the sweet, heart-warmingly fruity taste of freshly picked wild fruit. This satisfying instant tea can be enjoyed either warm or cold.
Caprimo Lemon Tea
Caprimo Lemon Tea stimulates your taste buds with the fresh taste of lemon. This delicious instant tea can be enjoyed warm or cold to diversify your offer.
Caprimo Mint Tea
Capture the fresh taste of tender peppermint leaves in an all-new, rejuvenating drink that's Caprimo Mint Tea. This intense delight has a slightly sweet fragrance and strong menthol aroma. Enjoy the cooling sensation of a fresh breeze, and drink hot or cold to entice your senses.
Caprimo Lemongrass Tea Latte
Caprimo Lemongrass Tea Latte is an instant milk-based tea with a slightly citrusy flavour and fresh notes of lemongrass and bergamot. And entice coffee and tea lovers with this exciting new alternative to caffè latte and flavoured cappuccinos. Enjoy it hot or cold.
Caprimo Chai Latte
Caprimo Chai Latte promises an instantly rewarding, creamy texture along with the intense taste sensation of chai spices, cardamom with a smooth touch of cinnamon.

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