Caramel Doré

Caramel Doré chocolate tablet

Caramel Doré

Caramel Doré the Premium Finest Belgian Chocolate with a creamy golden color, will indulge you with an explosive caramel taste. It's creamy milky notes and some hints of biscuits and salt, make this a complete symphony of caramel.

Premium chocolate experience

One of the trends that continue unabated is the premiumization of the chocolate experience: consumers crave for uncompromisingly indulgent, premium chocolate experiences, and expect food brands to cater to this craving. Knowing that caramel is one of the most popular flavors among consumers (with chocolate!), we’ve developed a completely new premium Belgian chocolate: Caramel Doré. Caramel Doré offers consumers a warm and creamy caramel touch, it’s a new taste sensation, based on one of the most popular flavors in the chocolate world.

Natural caramel color and flavor

The unique taste of Caramel Doré chocolate and its golden color - similar to the color of blond chocolates - comes from natural ingredients: caramelized sugar and milk powder. During carefully tuned processing these ingredients are developing warm aromas of caramel and biscuits. The combination of chocolate creaminess and rich caramel flavors makes Caramel Doré a divine caramel experience!

Symphony of caramel

With Caramel Doré you can create a wide range of confectionery applications as well as ice cream and desserts. The explosive caramel taste, accompanied with caramelized milky notes, a distinct biscuit flavor and a pinch of salt add an extra layer of sensory delight.

Caramel Doré product specifications

  • Caramel Doré

    Discover the mellow and deeply satisfying Caramel Doré, our premium Belgian caramelized chocolate. Combining chocolate creaminess and deep rich caramel flavors, Caramel Doré will surprise you with a tantalizing golden color and hints of biscuit and salt. Indulge in a divine caramel experience!

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    • Fluidity
    • Min. % Dry cocoa solids
    • Min. % Dry milk solids

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