Cabosse Naturals, a brand by Barry Callebaut, was founded by a team of passionate entrepreneurs. With our innovative mentality, we are committed to break new ground. With Cabosse Naturals, we craft the entire cacaofruit into 100% natural, added-value ingredients.

Beliefs and values of Cabosse Naturals

tasty and delicious cacaofruit

Today’s consumers show an increasing interest in health and wellbeing with a desire to live happy, healthy lives. This is particularly important to millennials and centennials, whose understanding of ‘happiness’ extends beyond themselves and into the world around them.

At Cabosse Naturals, we believe in the next generation of food and drinks, that are not only tasty but also nutritious and good for the planet and its people. Cabosse Natural’s cacaofruit ingredients align with these beliefs and desires. Our range of cacaofruit ingredients are totally unique in taste, nutrient-rich, and produced as part of a sustainable, low waste supply chain.

Next-gen upcycled wonderfruit

For many generations, the cacaofruit has been gathered for its seeds (beans) while 70% of the fruit was plainly thrown away.

Cabosse Naturals decided this had to change and developed an innovative and up-cycling supply chain to harness the natural richness of the entire cacaofruit. This revolutionary process turns the complete cacaofruit into high-quality and 100% natural ingredients.

open cabosse cacaofruit with beans
At Cabosse Naturals we believe in the next generation food and drinks, where the food is pure, nutritious and good for the planet and its people.

Cabosse Naturals joins forces with the UFA

Preventing food waste is the single greatest solution to fighting climate change. The Upcycled Food Association (UFA)  is a nonprofit organization that focuses on reducing food waste by developing the upcycled food economy. Together with UFA, we contribute to this movement by developing a low waste supply chain of the upcycled cacaofruit

It’s essential for consumer brands to invest in sustainability for long-term success: recent studies show that about 60% of consumers want to buy more upcycled food. By providing the Upcycled Certified™ on the packages on your products, you make it easy for consumers to participate in the upcycled food movement.  


Cabosse Naturals’ cacaofruit

cacaofruit farmer cacaofruit

Deeply connected to the cacaofruit farmers in origin countries, Cabosse Naturals capitalize on years of expertise working with this delicious wonderfruit.

Like an apple or orange, the cacaofruit has its own uniquely fruity taste. It consists of a peel, pulp, juice, and seeds (beans). The cacaofruit seeds are the best known part of the cacaofruit, processed to make chocolate. The rest of the fruit has, up until this point, sadly been overlooked.

Thanks to our intimate knowledge of the cacaofruit and its ecosystem, Cabosse Naturals have created a range of naturally delicious ingredients.

Cacaofruit pulp

The cacaofruit pulp

cacaofruit concentrate

The cacaofruit concentrate

cacaofruit juice

The cacaofruit juice

cacaofruit powder

Cacaofruit powder

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