The cacaofruit products

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The cacaofruit products

Re-discovered wonderfruit

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Cacaofruit trees can only thrive in the tropical heat of the equatorial forest, where the full-grown trees protect the younger ones against the burning sun or strong wind of this climate. A cacaofruit tree is completely grown after five years and it can start bearing its own fruits.

After the trees have blossomed, they can grow their own fruits: the cacaofruit. After six months, the pods of the cacaofruit are fully grown and ready to harvest. The fruit is a football-shaped pod that comes in various colors depending on genetics and degree of ripeness: green, yellow, orange, red, purple, or maroon.

The cacaofruit itself consists of peel, pulp, juice, and seeds (beans). The seeds of the cacaofruit are processed to create the delicious chocolate as we know it.

Previously, 70% of the cacaofruit was simply thrown away because only the seeds were utilized. Cabosse Naturals has broken these old ways and has introduced the upcycled supply chain of the cacaofruit! The cacaofruit bears more than only the seeds. Just as any other fruit, like an apple or an orange, the fruit contains a juicy white flesh - the cacaofruit pulp. The pod is encased in a hard, thick husk or peel known as cascara in Spanish. Once cleaned, the peel is dried and ground into a very fine flour, the cacaofruit cascara.

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The cacaofruit is nutrient-rich, naturally high in fiber, and a source of potassium. Potassium is one of the most important minerals in the body. It helps regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions, and nerve signals.

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The cacaofruit contains much more than potassium! Our wonderfruit contains many more nutrients and minerals such as magnesium, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, vitamin B5, and vitamin D2.

A true fountain of health benefits. From this wonderfruit, Cabosse Naturals has created a range of delicious, 100% natural ingredients.

Upcycled and delicious

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Cabosse Naturals is a proud member of the Upcycled Food Association and we’re leading the low waste revolution in cacaofruit: rather than seeing 70% of the cacaofruit discarded to waste, Cabosse Naturals upcycles the entire cacaofruit and creates a range of 100% pure cacaofruit ingredients.

The delicious ingredients of the nutrient-rich cacaofruit are now officially Upcycled Certified! The certification empowers brands and artisans to communicate about their efforts to prevent food waste and fight climate change. On top of that: it helps consumers make a positive impact with every purchase they make.


Besides the numerous health benefits of the cacaofruit ingredients and the positive impact on the planet and its people, our cacaofruit ingredients bring a deliciously refreshing flavor to your consumer products.

Get creative with the cacaofruit and uplift your beverages, such as cocktails and coffees, dairy products, confectionery… Request one of the samples or the recipe booklet and discover the wonderful ingredients!

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Discover the cacaofruit possibilities

Discover how the unique flavors and natural sweetness of cacaofruit can transform your delicious masterpieces, whether you're baking exquisite pastries, crafting delightful confections, mixing refreshing beverages, or creating creamy ice creams. Our comprehensive recipe booklets are here to inspire and guide you, offering a wealth of innovative ideas to elevate your creations. Dive in and explore the endless opportunities that cacaofruit ingredients bring to your kitchen.

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