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Chocolate pencils & rolls





45 mm to 200 mm



Dark Chocolate Small Pencils
Dress your creations in style. By using these small rolled Dark Chocolate Small Pencils (D: 7, L: 45mm), perfect for portion size cakes, you give them an instant artisanal feel and an indulgent chocolate touch.
Dark Chocolate Large Pencils
Finely rolled elegant Dark Chocolate Large Pencils (D: 7, L: 100mm). These sticks add texture and flavour to plated desserts, cakes and even ice-cream.
Dark Chocolate X-Large Pencils
Finely rolled Dark Chocolate X-Large Pencils (D: 7, L: 200mm) bring elegance to the forefront of your desserts. Use this Chocolate stick on plated desserts, cakes and even ice creams. The possibilities are endless.
Dark Chocolate Chocolattos

Premium Dark Chocolate Chocolattos (L: 107mm) add structure and class to your desserts. Chocolattos differ to pencils as they have a straighter edge and more of a solid structure.

Gold Wands
The gold print design on thin 16 cm delicate dark sticks give a hint of sophistication on cakes and domes.

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