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Sweet Classic Dark Nut
A sweet and light-brown bakestable filling with a note of hazelnuts.
Extra Nutty 19% Utz

A intense, creamy hazelnut paste with a rich nut and cocoa taste.

La Morella
Pecan Praliné 50%
Premium pecan praliné with a sweet and intense nut flavor. Freshly-cracked Texas pecan nuts are ground with caramelized sugar to guarantee a praliné with superior taste and rich brown color.
La Morella
Intense Nut
An hazelnut filling with an intense hazelnut taste.
Crema Dell'Artigiano Dark
An dark cocoa filling with a nutty taste and a creamy texture.
Hazelnut Gianduja - Carmaduja
Dark hazelnut paste offers a well-balanced taste of chocolate and hazelnut with a rich and firm texture.
Sweet Classic Nut
A sweet dark filling with a note of hazelnut and vanilla.
Gianduja Milk

Gianduja filling, a combination of luscious milk chocolate and perfectly roasted hazelnuts.

Delicate Almond
A sweet, pale almond filling with a delicate almond taste.
Extra Nutty Filling 19% Hazelnut

An intense hazelnut filling with 19% of hazelnut.

La Morella
Hazelnut Filling 10%

A smooth bold-flavoured hazelnut and chocolate bakestable filling, with 10% nut content. Because we refine all ingredients together in a continuous process, our mouthfeel is unrivalled. Made with RSPO palm oil. Perfect for bakery/pastry applications"

La Morella
Sweet Classic Nut
A sweet dark filling with a note of hazelnut and vanilla.