The importance of sustainability

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The importance of sustainability

Our consumers show an increasing interest in health and wellbeing and a desire to live happy, healthy lives. When living such a life, the understanding of ‘happiness’ extends beyond themselves: they believe their chosen products need to not only be nutritious and tasty, but must also have a positive impact on the planet and its people. In addition to meeting their health and wellbeing standards, the brands and products they support must be responsibly sourced as well. Transparent supply chains and sustainability initiatives are essential.

Next generation food and drinks

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Today’s consumers, the millennials and centennials, desire food and beverages that satisfy the needs of the present without adversely affecting future generations. They require sustainable, planet-conscious products. Brands and products that can bring together the key factors (healthy, tasty, and good for the planet) will fall in the good favor of these millennial and centennial consumers.

Cabosse Naturals has responded to those key factors by introducing cacaofruit Experience, an innovative range of products that celebrates the fresh fruity taste and natural richness of the cacaofruit and marks the creation of a next-gen food and drinks category.

On top of that, Cabosse Naturals is also part of the Upcycled Food Association, a nonprofit organization that focuses on reducing food waste by developing the Upcycled Food economy.

Tasty, good for me and the planet


The cacaofruit unlocks a new sensory dimension that is a subtle balance between natural sweetness and refreshing zesty fruitiness. A delicious signature flavour that naturally lifts food and beverages rather than artificially enhancing. It’s hard to find something that hasn’t been tampered with. And that is what makes our cacaofruit ingredients so precious and unique. Simplicity never tasted so good.

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Good for me

The 100% pure cacaofruit is a rediscovered wonderfruit naturally packed with nutrients. The delicious wonderfruit is high in fiber and a source of potassium with no added sugar and 100% free from sweeteners, additives, or preservatives.

The cacaofruit ingredients come from beautiful wholesome fruit and are produced with minimal processing in a few simple steps —pressing, filtering, gently pasteurizing, and concentrating. Because the cacaofruit is naturally delicious, you can enjoy a natural product, with minimal processing, and a natural sweetness born in nature.

The Cacaofruit Experience is the solution to reframe sweetness from a natural fruit source with zero compromises on taste.

Good for the planet and its people

Cabosse Naturals leads the low waste revolution by using the entire cacaofruit instead of discarding 70% as waste. Now, not only its seeds (beans) but also its nutrient-dense peel and fresh, fruity pulp are fully used.

Thanks to the complete usage of the cacaofruit, our ingredients earn more income for the fruit farmers and make their businesses more profitable—Cabosse Naturals estimates farmers can increase their revenue up to 30%.

A higher income will increase their viability in the long-term: the farmers can reduce the payback of their farms and can further invest in growing their business. This extra income generates a buffer against the fluctuation of the cacaofruit bean price by helping to protect farmers from sudden drops in the cacaofruit bean price. This makes cacaofruit farming altogether a more sustainable, professional and profitable industry.

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