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Join us in making sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025!

In November 2016, Barry Callebaut launched FOREVER CHOCOLATE, its new sustainability strategy with four ambitious goals, as well as measurable commitments. Our CEO, Antoine de Saint-Affrique, explains below why FOREVER CHOCOLATE is at the core of our company and makes perfect business sense.

In the last few months I was often asked about FOREVER CHOCOLATE; why we started it and what the business case is. Let me try to explain.

FOREVER CHOCOLATE is about Barry Callebaut’s roots and our future. ​

Sustainability is in our genes

Our roots first: as a company we have a long and constant commitment to sustainability. Directly, through programs in origin countries like Cocoa Horizons, or via our unique direct sourcing and farming model Biolands; through our constant effort to eradicate child labor from our supply chain but also through partnerships with customers and industry initiatives, from the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) up to the stakeholder conference Chocovision, which our company initiated in 2012.

Barry Callebaut has sustainability in its genes. Literally!

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50% of our profits go into education

Probably it is also because we are at heart a family business. And, as a family business, the future of the next generation is top of our mind. Our main shareholder is the Jacobs Holding, who is the shell of Jacobs Foundation. This Foundation provides children and young people with better opportunities for development. Put simply, 50% of all the dividends we produce goes into education. Or said differently, the better we do, the more good we do!

Launching FOREVER CHOCOLATE, or our ambition to make sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025, would not have been possible without our heritage, our work and experience from the past. FOREVER CHOCOLATE is built on four ambitious, measurable targets:

All of these have to be achieved by 2025.

Community Development and Education

We contribute to educational infrastructure in communities where facilities are inadequate. This includes building and furnishing classrooms and school canteens, building separate latrines for boys and girls, providing solar panels for lighting, and building teacher housing.

A strong business case for FOREVER CHOCOLATE

But FOREVER CHOCOLATE is also very much about our future. It is about making sure that we can deliver to the needs of end consumers, to enjoy chocolate in the future to come. There is a clear consumer driven business case for sustainability. A recent study showed that 66% of global consumers indicate that they are willing to pay more for sustainable brands. And it shows everywhere: you see it in the trade, you see it with start-ups or with the public commitments of major industry players. And I can tell you, I see it at home, every day with my 4 kids: they want to see what goes into what they eat, who has made it and how it was made. Today’s consumers want to be sure that what they eat is good, natural, traceable, and ethically sourced.

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Let’s travel together!

FOREVER CHOCOLATE is also about a movement. Because what lies ahead of us is challenging to reach, takes time, and is too big for any organization alone. FOREVER CHOCOLATE is an ambition for the entire chocolate industry, including farmers, civil society, industry, governments and chocolate lovers around the world. Those who embark on the journey to make sustainable chocolate the norm - like us - will create a formidable competitive advantage for the future.

FOREVER CHOCOLATE is ultimately about delivering great performance in the right way: doing well by doing good, and doing good by doing well. So join our movement to make sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025! An African proverb sums it up nicely: “If you want to go fast, travel alone. If you want to go far, travel together”. Let’s travel together along what is a challenging, but truly exciting path!


Forever Chocolate Plan

We all love chocolate and we want it to be around forever. But to do that, sustainable chocolate should become the norm. That is why we've got to find bold new ways of doing business and bringing partners together to make it happen.



Yes indeed...sustainability is the key for future inclusive growth of all stakeholders. Keep up the great work.

Alicia Montoya

Thanks for highlighting once again that sustainability = long-term profitability. It makes social, environmental and economic business sense to take care of today's business while securing tomorrow's. Thanks for everything you do and keep raising the bar for all of us, Barry Callebaut :)

Antoine de Saint-Affrique