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Вы обратились по адресу, если интересуетесь последними тенденциями в шоколадном мире и мечтаете повысить привлекательность ваших продуктов, будь то плитка шоколада, пралине, пирожное, порционный десерт, сезонный шоколад или шоколадная паста!

Вместе мы окунемся в модные тренды и выберем для Вас лучшие возможности роста.

Мы уверены, вы не останетесь равнодушны к нашему качественному шоколаду, вкусным начинкам, разнообразным добавкам, декору, полезным орехам и многим другим продуктам, которые вдохновят Вас на творчество. Выбирайте из тысяч наименований!

Trends & Insights for confectionery

Top Chocolate Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Key Trends

Ruby Chocolate Pralines

The Chocolate World is getting pinker. Get inspired by Ruby Chocolate

For the 2nd anniversary of Ruby Chocolate, we are celebrating more than 100 brands launching Ruby Chocolate all over the world. Discover how Ruby Chocolate can be used for tablets and pralines!

Caramel Frappuccino with amaretti, caramel crunches and meringue decoration

Top 5 reasons why consumers love caramel

Caramel flavor is a must-have for every sweet range. Whether that's in cakes, cookies, ice cream or confectionery products, not having  a brown flavor (and caramel in particular) in your range is unimaginable.

Nutri-Score strategies in chocolate products

How to improve the Nutri-Score of your chocolate products?

When it comes to chocolate, getting a good Nutri-Score is not a challenge anymore : discover what are the best strategies to get it!

More Trends

Plant-based chocolate tablet

Plant-based Chocolate

Plant-based chocolate confectionery is emerging. To be ahead of the curve, discover inspiring launches, NPD strategies, and our delicious products.

Empowering women farmers

Increase brand value with sustainability

Consumers have high expectations on how brands must own their commitments on sustainability. The way you communicate on sustainability will not only help to answer this expectation, but can also position your brand ahead of the competition.

Your must have products

  • Ruby Chocolate (low viscosity)

    Ruby Chocolate the biggest innovation in the chocolate industry in 80 years. Ruby offers an intense sensorial delight, a totally new taste experience: neither bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension of fresh berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness.

    • Ассортимент
    • Текучесть
    • Min. % Dry cocoa solids
    • Min. % Dry milk solids
  • Caramel Doré

    Discover the mellow and deeply satisfying Caramel Doré, our premium Belgian caramelized chocolate. Combining chocolate creaminess and deep rich caramel flavors, Caramel Doré will surprise you with a tantalizing golden color and hints of biscuit and salt. Indulge in a divine caramel experience!

    • Ассортимент
    • Текучесть
    • Min. % Dry cocoa solids
    • Min. % Dry milk solids
  • Organic Blanched Almond Crocant 60/40 2-4mm
    Crunchy mix of small Spanish organic almond pieces and organic caramelized sugar for the perfect balance of sweet and crunchy. Medium roasting brings out a delicately toasted, fresh almond taste. In some markets crocants are better known as ‘brésilienne’, 'pralin' or "praliné pieces". For this product we only use premium quality Spanish organic almonds.
    La Morella

    The American style black cookie granules medium size. Gives the perfect friable texture.


  • Dark signature blend chocolate

    Dark signature blend from different cocoa growing countries which creates a special flavor profile. Intense but more fruity cocoa profile. The base rheology makes this chocolate perfect for all kinds of applications.

    • Ассортимент
    • Текучесть
    • Cocoa intensity
    • Min. % Dry cocoa solids