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Chopped roasted hazelnuts

Chopped hazelnuts pieces. Just-in-time cracking and medium roasting bring out a strong fresh hazelnut taste, with light toasted flavors and a rich brown color. Deliciously sweet & crunchy! Also available with organic certification.

La Morella
Chopped roasted pistachio

Blanched roasted pistachios pieces. Stripped off their skin and medium roasted, freshly-cracked Spanish pistachios reveal an intense fresh taste. Deliciously crunchy! Also available with organic certification.

La Morella

Bakery nut-based filling with a pleasant sweetness and intense vanilla. Without hydrogenated fats.

Hazelnut praliné

Hazelnut praliné with an intense nut flavor. Freshly cracked, medium roasted hazelnuts are ground with caramelized sugar. The result is this smooth, dark-colored delicate praliné.

La Morella

Nut filling with a mild hazelnut flavor and cocoa, ideal for bake stable applications. Without hydrogenated fats.

Bakestable Hazelnut filling

A soft bakestable nut filling, with a delicious cocoa taste and a subtle touch of hazelnut. 2% nut content

Gianduja dark

Gianduja dark filling, a combination of intense dark chocolate and perfectly roasted hazelnuts.

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